Kanga Pouch FAQ


Kanga Pouch FAQ

What size(s) does Kanga Pouch come in?

The Kanga Pouch comes in two (2) convenient sizes: Regular 10.5″x15″ and Large 12″x15″.

Does Kanga Pouch come in any other sizes?

Although these are the two standard sizes that we have developed for Kanga Pouches, we are able to make Kanga Pouches to fit the size you need. Contact us today!

Is a Kanga Pouch waterproof?

Yes, Kanga Pouch is 100% waterproof.

What colours do Kanga Pouch come in?

Kanga Pouch comes in seven (7) different colours: Yellow, Orange, Red, Green, Blue, Silver, and Black.

Does Kanga Pouch come in any other colours?

Although these are the main colours, we are able to make Kanga Pouches in almost any colour you need. Contact us today!

Is Kanga Pouch just for schools?

Kanga Pouch is the perfect document folder when you need your documents to be kept clean, dry and organized while being transported.

Do I need to place my order online?

Although, it would be faster for you to place and receive your order, you can choose to download our order form to place your order.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Although delivery times vary, depending upon the size of the order, the average time for you to review your order is 2-3 weeks.

Can my order be different colours and sizes?

Absolutely, we are happy to help you get the right colours and sizes you need.

Do you take credit cards?

Yes, we do accept credit card payments.