Kanga Pouch is the perfect solution for all your document transportation needs.

Kanga Pouch products provide an efficient, durable and affordable solution assisting our customers with overall academic and occupational success!

As a result, Kanga Pouch was designed with versatile uses, while at the same time servicing a wide audience. Perfect to use in elementary schools. It is an effective tool to assist students, teachers and parents with organizing and transporting paperwork.

Designed with two convenient pouches. The outside pouch is a transparent plastic, with easy-access is perfect to clearly showcase important notes or paperwork. The main pouch opens up to store more contents inside, such as homework, library books and agendas.

The simple velcro system is easy for kids to open and close keeping all their school work clean, organized, and all in one pouch.

Kanga Pouch Products are:

100% Nylon Material          Waterproof          2 Sizes Available

Kanga Pouch Products


Regular Size 10.5″ x 11″

Large Size 12″ x 15″

Kanga Pouch Products Colours

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