Kanga Pouch ExampleKanga Pouch provides an efficient, durable and affordable pouch assisting our customers with overall academic and occupational success.

System and Design:

Kanga Pouches are intended for versatile use and services a wide audience. We particularly recommend it for use in elementary schools. It is an effective tool to assist students, teachers and parents with organizing and transporting paperwork.

Kanga Pouches are a 100% nylon, waterproof, and can stand up to all situations.

Designed with two convenient pouches. The outside pouch is a transparent plastic, with easy-access is perfect to clearly showcase important notes or paperwork. The main pouch opens up to store more contents inside, such as homework, library books and agendas.

The simple velcro system is easy for kids to open and close keeping all their school work clean, organized, and all in one pouch.

Kanga Pouch’s History

The first Kanga Pouch was develop by Jim Wright, about 20 years ago. He made the pouches for his kids, and they concept just took off. In Junior High I worked for Jim.  When an order for 20 pouches came we thought that was awesome!

About 3-years ago, Jim sold Kanga Pouch to me, and we have been able to continue on with the great work that started the company. If it wasn’t for the vision that Jim had 20-years ago, Kanga Pouch would not exist today!

Why should you use a Kanga Pouch?

I have a daughter who uses it regularly in her classroom. Kanga Pouches are absolutely the best school pouch available today. Zip-loc bag fall apart and similar products on the market do not hold up over the test of time.

Before we used Kanga Pouches, my daughter’s work, library books, and notes from school would just get stuffed in her backpack. By the time she would get home, the papers and books would be ruined.

Teachers have told me Kanga Pouches make for a more organized classroom and student, in the mornings the kids pull the pouches out of there packs and they are good to go.